Product Details

    • Amazon Sales Rank: #28682 in Watches
    • Color: Gold-Tone
    • Brand: Timex
    • Model: T78677
    • Number of items: 1
    • Dimensions: .39" h x .39" w x .39" l, .10 pounds
    • Band material: stainless-steel
    • Bezel material: gold-tone
    • Case material: Brass
    • Clasp type: expansion-band
    • Dial color: grey
    • Dial window material: Mineral
    • Movement type: Quartz
    • Water-resistant to 30 feet


    • Timeless Classic Design
    • Brushed Gold-Tone Stainless Steel Expansion Band
    • Stopwatch, Countdown Timer & Alarm
    • Durable and Lightweight Gold-Tone Resin Case
    • Indiglo Light-Up Watch Dial
    • Water resistant to 30 m (99 ft): In general, withstands splashes or brief immersion in water, but not suitable for swimming

    Product Description

    The refined 80s retro style of the Classic Digital Dress Stainless Steel Expansion Band Watch gives your wardrobe a refreshingly sophisticated twist.

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    <h2>Customer Reviews</h2> <p>Most helpful customer reviews</p> <p>37 of 38 people found the following review helpful.<br> <span class="reviewtitle"><img height="11" width="56" name="pngImage" style="margin-left:0px;margin-right:10px;" class="custReviewStars" src="" alt="5">On behalf of my father, I thank you, ...</span> <br> <span>By Tom Moore</span> <br>On behalf of my father, I thank you, Timex. He passed in April of 2015 wearing this watch I bought him for Christmas. The man always said that there was no other watch that would stay running on his wrist. He was convinced he had been shocked too many times as an engineer, or had too much iron in is blood, or that he was in some way magnetic. He was 61, and never was there a time he didn't have this watch, this model, this color, on his wrist all the time. He must have gone through 40 or more. One went over Niagra Falls; one was left in Vegas; one was left with airport security, and countless others succumbed to years of rigorous use, but he never wore anything else. There were even times when he would be without one until he found it at a local store (pre-internet), and in those times he just wouldn't wear anything. Even now, he rests with this watch by his side.<br /><br />I cannot thank you enough for making a product that matched his personality so well.</p> <p>7 of 7 people found the following review helpful.<br> <span class="reviewtitle"><img height="11" width="56" name="pngImage" style="margin-left:0px;margin-right:10px;" class="custReviewStars" src="" alt="5">An impressive watch for less than $30</span> <br> <span>By RyanCallihan</span> <br>First thing to know about this watch is that the case is a resin (plastic) material, but the band is a nice metal finish. If you're cool with that, I think you'll find this watch to your liking. Despite the resin face, the watch still has a little heft to it, which I can appreciate. The black on gold look is also pretty striking in my opinion.<br /><br />Of course, this listing notes that the watch band stretches and it's a One Size Fits All. I was glad to hear that! I've got a super tiny wrist, so I (perhaps foolishly?) expected the expansion band to be a perfect fit for me. Wrong. I had to take it to a watch store in the mall and get it resized. The guy charged me $15 for that service. I have no idea if I got ripped off or what, but whatever. I still paid less than $40 when all was said and done. Not bad.<br /><br />I think the most impressive thing about this watch is just how effective the backlight is. This is my first time using an Indigo watch, but man oh man does it get the job done. I also like the way that the day of the week is shown on the watch. In a small strip right above the time, the day abbreviations appear in order. So if it's Sunday, it'll appear as "Sun" all the way to the left of the watch face. On Wednesday, it will appear as "Wed" closer to the middle. It's a nice detail. The actual numbers for the time are nice and large, making them super easy to read at a glance. Overall, I'm impressed and very pleased with this watch. And for less than $30, I'm downright elated.</p> <p>3 of 3 people found the following review helpful.<br> <span class="reviewtitle"><img height="11" width="56" name="pngImage" style="margin-left:0px;margin-right:10px;" class="custReviewStars" src="" alt="4">This is a spare to have when a similar now 40 year watch finally coughs it's last breath. Hate the fat Sport digitial watches.</span> <br> <span>By Lincoln County MT</span> <br>A gift as a back up for a watch almost 40 years old and still ticking...but is failing. No not a Timex and no longer made. But it's definitely preformed beyond the imagination. Problem is hindsight is 20/20 and we should have bought 1-2 spares for the day. That day is coming sooner than the person who wears the watch is ready for. So have been watching ditital display style watches over the past 15 years and they all fall way short of the original style. This one comes in as close as you can. Most of the digital men's watches are fat heavy way to big and thick SPORT fashion. The makers of these watches are missing the boat by not bringing back a few designs along this line where the face and case is thinner and teh whole watch is simple but has the essentials such as backlight, Easy to read time and date. SImple to manage and replace the batteries. And a watch face that is clear and replaceble over time when it may get scratched or cloudy. So this was bought as a stocking stuffer spare. BUT and a BIG BUTT...the so called mini manual that was inserted gave ZERO directions as to how to set the watch. We went over it multiple times and finally with on way to contact the seller we did track down via google search a Timex person who provided us with the information needed. Thank you person who e-mailed both how to do the basics so as not to make the person wait and followed up with e-mail attachment where to go for it and we've since downloaded and printed it out and it is with the watch in waiting. I would include that information but unfortunately I forwarded to the other persons computer and after they printed it they deleted it. Yeah...a guy thing verses woman thing that looks at a bigger picture and likes to help others. So google for Timex manuals and sort through the debri listings until you find one where you can then ask for help when you find this watch is listed but with no further information. Only one star off due to the lame manual. Timex should know better. and that includes all the different languages tucked into the tiny folded bit of ultra thin paper. No matter the language we all need the basic's that out to arrive with the watch. This review in now way is about the seller here on Amazon they shipped fast and watch was protected and in good condition. My only one star delete is lack of information and annoyance of NEEDING to track it down. Kudos again to the person who got right to it and the other buyer who attempted to fill in those blanks too via the Q/A section. Lovely humans !!!!!</p> <span><a href="" target="_blank">See all 1156 customer reviews...</a></span>


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